Previously I talked about moving to Jekyll and statically generating my webpage/blog. I’m still a big fan of statically generated sites, but that world has grown up a lot with new features including edge functions which allow for some dyanmic functionality on an otherwise static site. So I’m moving my website from using Gitlab Pages and Cloudflare to being built and deployed using Vercel.

Besides edge functions one of the features I’m excited about in Vercel is their CI integration where they generate site previews on every branch. This makes it easier to test out a blog post (including this one) and make sure it looks sane before deploying it on the full site. It was definitely one of the drawbacks I saw from using static sites that they’ve elegantly fixed.

Lastly, a reason to use Vercel is that we’ve made a cool vercel observability integration over at Axiom. I like to be able to see exactly what some of our customers are experiencing and this gives me the opportunity to play with some of the same toys. Not sure my blog will ever generate enough data to really need a tool like Axiom, but there’s a “Hobby” tier in both that makes them both zero cost.

posted Aug 12, 2022 | permanent link