A few papers that I’ve writen, don’t do a lot of that anymore, but they’re here in case you’re looking.

US Patent 7,522,667: Method and apparatus for dynamic determination of frames required to build a complete picture in an MPEG video stream

Patent submitted for Freescale Semiconductor on creating an efficient way to handle DVR on MPEG streams that allows for variable speed and works on P-slice compressed streams.

Scheduling of Processes for a Simultaneous Multithreading Processor

This was my graduate thesis. It looks at the problems that are create when one tries to put SMT into a processor. It specifically is looking at how processes are scheduled in this environment. It builds on SMP scheduling techniques, but has some elements which are not as straight forward. I also have the source code seperate for those who want to play with it.

Semiconductor Materials and Devices Final Report

A lab report that was writen based on the quarter long lab that Jill Sprauge and I did during our class. In the lab we built a diode by hand. It wasn’t a very good diode, but we tried. It also contains lots of microscope pictures and details of the process that we used. It is bzip’ed because otherwise it would be huge.